Justin Bieber, Who Is Not a Zoo Animal, Will No Longer Take Pictures with Fans

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What has happened to Justin Bieber in the past month? First there were the dreads, then no dreads, then a face tattoo. Just yesterday he took a barefoot stroll around Boston and had some kind of meetings of the minds with a squirrel. Perhaps this rodent passed on some wisdom, something like pictures are zoos and zoos are basically prisons for animals, because the 22-year-old singer has announced that he’s no longer taking pictures with fans.”I feel like a zoo animal,” he announced on Instagram. “And I wanna be able to keep my sanity.”

The question is whether or not that ship has already sailed. Sadly, Bieber’s latest wanderings have all the makings of a Britney Spears circa 2007-style meltdown, which is not something we should be taking lightly. But! Perhaps he’s simply making a ploy to drum up some attention for his Purpose tour, a la Joaquin Phoenix. After all, it could be just the thing this aging Canadian pop star needs to extend his appeal generation Z. We could belieb that.