Paris Hilton Is Producing a Feature-Length Documentary About Herself, Shooting in Ibiza This Summer


Will Alexander/

Remember “The Simple Life,” which was basically ground zero for shows like “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” back when Nicole Richie was just Paris Hilton’s goofy sidekick and Hilton ruled the roost? Well, we’ve come a long way from there, since these days Richie is a style icon and fashion designer; Hilton, like, deejays parties sometimes; and Kim Kardashian is the queen of everything (though she was Hilton’s personal assistant in that era).

Well, if you’re feeling nostalgic for those simple days, fret not: Hilton is producing an “unflinching, authorized documentary” about herself, says The Hollywood Reporter, and production starts this summer in, obviously, Ibiza. The super-exciting announcement happened yesterday at Cannes, because that is definitely where this forthcoming doc should premiere (opening night, perhaps?). It’ll be directed by Don Argott and Sheena Joyce, whose filmography includes such hits as “Last Days Here,” a doc about the heavy-metal band Pentagram’s lead singer. Neat!

Shockingly enough, this isn’t the first feature-length documentary about the socialite—there was also 2008’s very cleverly titled “Paris Not France,” which you’d never heard of because it was awful. We haven’t seen it, obviously, but Variety called it a “flyweight vanity portrait” with “scant commercial value beyond cable time-filler slots.” Tell us how you really feel, Variety!

“Paris Hilton is a modern day-Marilyn Monroe—beautiful, iconized, world famous, shaped by mass media and misunderstood,” Argott and Joyce apparently actually said. “We are thrilled to work with Paris to explore her complicated relationship with the public, the press and the politics that shape our perception of a modern celebrity.” Riiiiight. OK, cool, guys! Same.