Well, That Was Quick: Vetements Is Officially ‘Uncool’

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In the early hours of Sunday morning, Lorde cut to the core of the fashion industry in a single tweet:

Yes, the so-hot-it-hurts label Vetements, whose $330 DHL-logo tees and $1,200 hoodies have flown off the shelves and onto the backs of street style stars ever since the brand launched in 2014, is officially out, according to a certified member of the cool teen club.

Personally, I had to explain what Vetements was to two separate people this weekend, but such is fashion these days—the second it’s even a speck on the consciousness of the masses, the industry is so damn sick of it they’re ready to toss it in the trash.

As the 19-year-old singer so artfully explained:

Plus, as one of her followers pointed out, there’s also the fact that designer Demna Gvasalia sent out an entirely-white cast of models at both Vetements’ Fall 2016 show and his debut collection for Balenciaga (uncool on several levels):

She’s not worried for the design collective, though—and, frankly, neither are we:

What do you think’s next: $600 rubber flip-flops? $1,300 ankle-monitor bracelets? Whatever it is, we have no doubt they’ll find their buyers.