Elie Saab | Spring Summer 2016 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

Elie Saab | Spring Summer 2016 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive
Elie Saab | Spring Summer 2016 by Elie Saab | Full Fashion Show in Good Quality. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video – PFW/Paris Fashion Week)

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  1. I love how everyone in the comments on any YouTube video relating to fashion thinks they're some type of fashion expert and their opinion is the end all be all of opinions

  2. is me or the girl almost fall 6:46?._.
    Btw this is really different from Saab still like it, and I can't believe they put Drake's song xD

  3. I am so happy to see JAC on catwalk for she doesn't walk on shows as often as she used to and she's absolutley perfect :3

  4. The most unconventional Elie Saab collection ever!! Loved every bit of it!! This shows how ES is getting out of his comfort zone and truly embracing Parisian style. Coming from a die-hard and the biggest ES fan!!

  5. So happy to see this little change but new edgy line, I really like obsessed with every piece of the new collection, love it so much I waited for a little change so long and I see it here with keeping his signature details.

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