Rebecca Minkoff | Fall Winter 2016/2017 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive
Rebecca Minkoff | Fall Winter 2016/2017 by Rebecca Minkoff | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video – NYFW – New York Fashion Week)

With the emergence of technology and social media, fashion week is simply behind schedule. The moment a piece of mine goes down the runway, a photo or video of it appears on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Periscope—not to mention uploaded to websites like On top of that, a few lucky celebrities get to wear some pieces ahead of them hitting stores. And months later—once you’ve seen these clothes and accessories everywhere—THEN you’re able to buy them.

We’re still running on an outdated industry calendar, not yours. So by the time you’re able to buy these pieces, you’re bored. That’s a shame. And I don’t blame you.

Since I started my company ten years ago, I’ve valued the ability to connect directly with you, my customers. I’ve always tried to listen to what you need in your clothing and accessories and address those needs in my designs. And when I see first-hand that you’re frustrated—I’m frustrated, too.

Something’s got to change. Instead of seeing something go down a runway and waiting six months to wear it, you should be able to see it, buy it, and wear it right away.

That’s why this fashion week, instead of showing my Fall 2016 collection, I’m showing what you can wear now–my Spring 2016 collection. When you see a piece go down my runway on February 13, you’ll be able to buy it immediately (or very soon after). Instead of putting it up on Instagram and forgetting about it for a few months, you can wear it. Right now.

Come fall, I’ll be doing the same thing. While most other designers show their Spring 2017 collections, I’ll be showing my Fall 2016 collection in Fall 2016. And you’ll be able to wear what you see right away.