Diane Von Furstenberg | Spring Summer 2016 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

Diane Von Furstenberg | Spring Summer 2016 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive
Diane Von Furstenberg | Spring Summer 2016 by Diane Von Furstenberg | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video – NYFW – New York Fashion Week)

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  1. Uma coleção com opiniões de peças com corte e design com modelagem e caimento lindas vestidos confecçiónados com tecidos lindos uma linda coloração com muitas opções de peças lindas

  2. Ok first of all, I'm not a critic. I don't know much about runway walks but i can feel that there's something wrong with gigi's! Don't get me wrong, i love her body, she has this curvy body unlike other models. She is naturally beautiful. After watching many of her runway walks and reading most of the comments, I realized that yes, maybe she has on of the worst runway walks! I thought that maybe because she is trying too hard that u can see it on her face while walking. You can't compare kendall, bella, and gigi with other legendary models. They are still learning and improving. Now after I analyzed the situation, I honestly felt in love with gig's personality. Although lot of people are criticizing her walk, she still gets the best offers and still getting booked for shows.

  3. I think Kendall is certainly improving but Gigi needs to work on her's a bit. Gigi and Karlie are BOTH Slightly knock-kneed, but Karlie, Tyra and PLENTY of other models have shown that you can BEAST the catwalk with a little practice. Gigi is sort of giving in the the knock-knees and slouching them in. It's more apparent if you look at it head-on and when she's wearing a bathing suit (Like in Victoria's secret). All in all, there were PLENTY of girls who were worse than Kendall and Gigi. Idk why those two only receive criticism. Who cares who they are, I know I'm not working THIS HARD in my life NOT to use a little nepotism on my kids later, haha.

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