Versace | Fall Winter 2016/2017 Full Fashion Show | Menswear

Versace | Fall Winter 2016/2017 Full Fashion Show | Menswear
Versace | Fall Winter 2016/2017 by Donatella Versace | Full Fashion Show in Good Quality. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/Menswear Collection – MFW)

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  1. Your headline has a typo , it says menswear , It should be "Gaymens wear" Why do gays design the clothes straight men wear? I have no problem with gays , just wondering…..why would I wanna look feminine if it aint my thing?

  2. Im sorry NO. first of all im a huge Donatella fan, so much that i have a tumblr blog just about her.
    second… this is bad, im sorry but she can do much much better

  3. usually i find Versace boring, but this was a rreally good show! good light, nice runway, GOOD MUSIC! and loved the clothes on most models.

  4. As a guy just getting into fashion, and one who has long been unsatisfied with men's clothing options in retail, I didn't find this show particularly interesting. Most of the suits are so basic that I couldn't tell the difference between them and those of another designer at gunpoint without identifying labels, I didn't find the space-age silver sheen fabric at all exciting or attractive except maybe on the bags, which were probably the least offensive to me but still not a style that I enjoyed, at least not paired with the clothes that were shown. What patches and embellishments were added were done so in an artless way that seemed arbitrary instead of pleasantly haphazard, and maybe I'm missing something but when the most visually iconic element of your fashion show is a bunch of metal pins that look like the star trek logo with a V in them, I feel like I'm looking in the wrong place for men's fashion.

  5. Really impressed with this collection and love the color palette. I think the pieces all have a very typical classy Versace vibe and can be dressed up or down.

  6. Great collection….but the filming/camera angles are terrible! Cameras keep zooming AWAY from the models?! Made it difficult to actually see the clothing, unfortunately.

  7. It is like ski wear for the rings of Saturn in futuristic outer space. I LOVED it!! So metallic and modern…just stunning!

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