Gucci | Spring Summer 2016 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

Gucci | Spring Summer 2016 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive
Gucci | Spring Summer 2016 by Alessandro Michele| Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video – MFW – Milan Fashion Week)

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  1. Quand Florence Welsh ( and the Machine) porte du Gucci en chantant c'est un feu d'artifice de joie , de sensualité et de Féerie …. C'est elle qui devrait défiler !!!

  2. Is it just me or do many of these dresses look like 1940s school marm-ish with 1980s women's neck ties? it's like they set out to make the models look plain in their clothes. And, let's be clear, nudity under shear fabrics does not = high fashion. Sometimes, it's just a cover up for a lack of inspiration. I love fashion but maybe Gucci just wants to shock and doesn't really want anyone to buy them??? But that does not include the shoes! The shoes were smokin!

  3. Las prendas horribles , a las modelos se les nota demasiado la insanía por la falta de alimentación . Todo en general transmite desazón y tristeza . Muy feo .

  4. For those of US who love elegant floral & high contrast prints. BRAVO! And the fabric fits the styles well. Just not feeling the stack shoes or over-sized glasses. House shoes on the runway is just a little bit ghetto.

  5. Seriously? What a hot mess and waste of time and money. This isn't fashion. The models looked as miserable as the clothes.

  6. Very disappointed.  Seems like they went out of their way to make a potentially beautiful outfit downright overdone or dowdy with the accessories.  Including ugly glasses and "pins" of flowers.  Then what is with all the angry zombie looks on the faces of the  models?  Lastly, I am tired of seeing all the bare breasts and questionably "covered" lower assets on models.  Who would honestly wear those things?

  7. WOW!! the stylist should be SHOT! there are some great pieces but, they all look like they rolled out of bed – YUCK from head to toe!!!! Nice carpet though :)

  8. Does GUCCI hate women? Why are they making clothes that make women look so ugly? There is not one person I know that would wear these garments. Unflatering, ill-fitting, undesireable color pallette.

  9. there were some really nice skirts and tops but those looked so mismatch like a color blind person did the sets. plus those accessories and that bow..really ugly bow

  10. Really wish the camera wasn't moving so much, and so quickly. Every few times you'd miss the details on the outfit, or totally miss out on seeing the outfit on the model entirely!

  11. don't have a go at the models, a catwalk in platform stilettos is no easy feat to make look effortless, let alone on carpet, plus most of them look really young

  12. This might sound really bad…but if we replaced all the models with Asian women, the style might actually be more plausible. It'd be like watching an anime fashion show.

  13. questo é il Gucci che preferisco. è incredibile , Gucci riesce a rappresentare coi suoi abiti tutta la creatività del mondo della modo, alcuni vestiti sono da indossare in eterno, semplicemente straordinario anche perché resta comunque originale!

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