Dior | Spring Summer 2016 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

Dior | Spring Summer 2016 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive
Christian Dior | Spring Summer 2016 by Raf Simons | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video – PFW/Paris Fashion Week)


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  1. I love the softer more feminine aesthetic. It's a pity that it is harder to find in the American market, but then again the typical American aesthetic is a more hardline (for lack of a better term) sexy, a more obvious sexy maybe is a better term. Nothing wrong with this but I prefer a more understated sexy.
    Overall this collection speaks to me. I feel as though I've been transported to a beautiful French countryside in the spring.
    I absolutely love this collection. It is so feminine so… me.
    It's funny how clothes can do that.

  2. Exquisite models. Russians, Dutch,Baltic,German,Scandi,French and Spanish. Best of the best. And the dresses are so finely cut and look so elegant. No wonder Dior is the most talked about fashion house.

  3. a lot of innovative work on the beautifully tailored jackets a pleated mini skirts. I agree that thechokers didn't belong.. It seemed out of proportion to the more delicate creations and drew attention away from those ensembles.  The "see-thrus" are pretty within themselves but they cheapen the juxtaposed fabrics.  They also don't seem to do much for the body as they cut up the body sometimes.  They actually look out of place, or non-sensical on some level. Please no more "trains that remind of toilet tissue trailing the model.

  4. ive always adored Dior clothing. to me, everything in fashion is art. people wear art whether they know it or not. When a woman puts on a dress and heels or an artist draws paints a noticed painting, its art. I am not an fashion designer nor an artist but I appreciate art for what it is and for what it stands. Art is the life that reflects us and we mirror that life back.

  5. Gosh, this entire fashion world is so ridiculous.The clothes are ugly as fuck. The models look like they just left a concentration camp.Why do people find this appealing? It's so entirely useless and decadent that it makes me want to puke.This world would be a better place without this fashion shit treating people in developing countries like crap and treating young girls like crap.Absolutely despicable, narcissistic and nasty.

  6. Raf is not good for Dior… Dior is luxurious, pompous, extravagante, or simply elegant and linear as the first years…not so minimalist!! this is too modern and poor. I love Raf for jil sander and pret a porter…but not for haute couture please. Galliano was the best

  7. I believe Raf is putting his own twist on Dior while keeping true to Dior's original aesthetics. Nature is clearly still a key major factor in design, as was Christian Dior's main inspiration for his collections. Raf is reinterpreting his vision with a more modern or futuristic edge, aka very minimalistic. I think its a good fresh direction for the collections to go. Sad to see Raf go ):

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