Amy Schumer Finds Nothing But Lena Dunham When She Shops For A Size 12

Comedy Central

Comedy Central

“Inside Amy Schumer” proves it cannot, will not, quit with its latest sketch. In it, Amy goes shopping for a size 12 and is asked “not to scare the thinner customers.” She’s then led to the double-digit section, which is — quite literally — a pasture. (As in, we can only assume, being put out to one.)

There she finds nothing but sunshine, a cow, and—surprise!— Lena Dunham who’s been trapped there for three months after asking for a turtleneck. Oh, and there’s a tarp, a blue tarp. It’s not only perfect to cover herself with, but it’s also sold with a mall pretzel and dipping sauce. Which is not the worst deal.

Watch the biting video below