Balmain | Spring Summer 2016 Full Fashion Show | Menswear

Balmain | Spring Summer 2016 Full Fashion Show | Menswear
Balmain | Spring Summer 2016 by Olivier Rousteing | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video 1080p – Menswear Collection)


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  1. far as my opinion goes all the Girls look totally fantastic
    really great and beautiful
    but all the men in those hideous sandal booties things vile
    there were 3 men's tops that were ok
    the rest of the men's stuff was total pants _ that means rubbish
    my advice stick to women's wear your great at that
    but your men's stuff is a disaster I really hate all your men's wear looks

  2. I don't know if its me but two observations Lucky blue specifically looks half fucking dead i have printer paper that has more tint to it then these guys. Secondly I don't know who the fuck made the song choices but not one of these songs are cohesive at all nor do any of them seem to give off the vibe that the clothes are trying to portray to the viewer at all. Clothes themselves fit nicely god knows Balmain sure as hell know how to make a blazer but I find some of the color choices to be very bland in general for a collection designed for the most colorful time of the year specifically at 3:53 when I think of spring and summer i'm not thinking a nude color. But thats just my thoughts on it I understand the whole military utilitarian motif going on but I don't see this as a stand out show from such a talented designer. When you look at the clothes that he's designed on shows like Empire his best work in my opinion is when goes for opulence to me the look at 6:58 is what i was expecting for this collection something more primal. Hopefully next time

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