Chanel | Pre-Fall 2015/16 Paris/Rome Full Show | Exclusive

Chanel | Pre-Fall 2015/16 Paris/Rome Full Show | Exclusive
Chanel | Pre-Fall 2015/2016 Métiers d’Art by Karl Lagerfeld | Paris in Rome, Italy – Cinecittà Studios | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video) #FFloved


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  1. Beautiful clothes and beautiful women.

    But as of today, a beautiful woman dressed like this cannot promenade alone through Rome or Paris at night alone, because she would be raped by the uncivilized "refugees" with sexual emergencies.

    And the men, boys, are made too gay, sorry. The guy @5:50, dressed in pants, skirt and a female jacket, LOL.

  2. The pavement (sidewalk) has ramps (dropped kerbs) that still have a mini-step, which make wheelchair access difficult; such installations are unlawful under the Equality Act.
    That we viewers can see the tracks for the movie cameras, is a fault.
    All of the apparatus for filming this interlude, ought to be out of sight.
    The lighting does look "true to street-life" however, it needs to be much brighter, the show, so we may see the garments more clearly.
    Very artistic, lovely show.

  3. This collection makes me fall in love with Chanel again. Honestly, I'm not a big fan because Karl keeps making every single collection the same, but he did very well on this collection since fall-winter 2009!

  4. Why is Chanel doing the stupid thing of putting men in women's clothes? Men are not going to dress like that and if the pt is to encourage men to dress like that, then why choose the thinnest palest most feminine looking male model? Most men don't want to look effeminate. Then they had the real men come out at the end, so confusing. I thought Chanel was above such cheap tactics for attention. And honestly nobody cares or is shocked anymore, its just stupid and pointless to me .

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