Jean Paul Gaultier | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2015/2016 Full Show | Exclusive

Jean Paul Gaultier | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2015/2016 Full Show | Exclusive
Jean Paul Gaultier | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2015/16 by Jean Paul Gaultier | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video – Paris)


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  1. Genius. The hamburger bun skirts are lost on me, but I love everything else. Masterful use of geometrics and asymmetry that enhance instead of clashing with the female form.  My favorite is the pumpkin and black slim gown at 16:00

  2. I am a big fan of JPG! Though his design can be a hit and miss to different viewers, but they are all true to himself, and never dull. Btw, whats the name of the background music and the band ?

  3. un vol d'identite pour faire pavaner les bourgeoisie's.Ah! Jpg je t'adore mais comme tjrs les fourrures c'est depasse mais sa vends bien cheri I guess. La robe clito a la fin sa dechire, fait comme Vivienne prochain coup raboule le tank and be a climate change warrior. love love always

  4. So many gorgeous pieces!!! and I loved the theatrics!! That model at the beginning and the end!! She's awesome.. it's nice when you see the odd model show a bit of personality too. It had a Scottish sailor feel unless French have the bagpipes also? I know there is celtic blood in France.

  5. Bravo Jean Paul Gaultier, tu as su nous faire un immense plaisir par tes créations , c' est sublime, petit bémol certaines mannequins sont d' une maigreur effrayante , quand grand Dieu de la haute couture allez vous nous montrer des filles belles et sensuelles avec un peu plus que la peau sur le squelette !!!

  6. I thought Gaultier couture had gone out of business….or was it the RTW? I really did not like the hair and makeup for this show…..and many of the models made me cringe, with the amateurish way they approach and turn at the end of the runway.. They must not teach the young girls anymore. There were interesting details in some of the clothes…and I did really like the pants. However, the whole show had a weird pacing and left me blah.

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