Oscar de La Renta | Spring Summer 2016 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

Oscar de La Renta | Spring Summer 2016 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive
Oscar de La Renta | Spring Summer 2016 by Peter Copping | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video – NYFW – New York Fashion Week)


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  1. a lot of rather boring dresses and the draperies/sculptured look, was not that complementary to the body, still there were some very nice pieces. The ribbons and ruffles seemed a bit pretentious.  I loved the white satin suit worn by the pale blonde model.  I miss the elegance of the living Oscar de la R.

  2. Love his dresses. Have always been a fan. Maybe one day I could afford to one several them. By far one of my favorite classic designers. His clothes are chic, ultra-feminine, but also romantic, refined, and timeless. That's how I'd want to dress if I could afford it.

  3. I thought 'very spanish' when it started then saw someone elsw say it… Also how dare someone say retire de la renta. He was a master at his craft and knew how to dress women. Other designers for his line will never have his unique talent. But this is still a beautiful feminine line that women can wear any time, even on the red carpet.

  4. It is so amazing to see Bill Cunningham in the audience, although he probably prefers shooting photos on the streets, this intriguing man has a great gut feeling when it comes to originality.

  5. So schön Bill C. zu sehen. Wie oft wird er wohl denken "Alles schon tausend mal gesehen. Aber trotzdem, oder gerade deshalb, ist er immer noch da. Mir ist de La Rental zu spießig.

  6. Off course no one will ever replace Mr. de la Renta. However, I think the brand should be more aware to the fitting of the garments. If you compare some past de la Renta's collection to these two last efforts of the house, it is impossible not to miss the absolute accuracy that the clothes once had. Everything was made to hang perfectly on the body (standing still or in motion). But today the clothes (specially the dresses) have a clumsy look, just as if their under constructions and fabrications did not come together. It is a pity.

  7. Oscar de La Renta is a beast! The talent this man has to make something look delicate, have movement and structure all at once is mind blowing! The evening dresses blew my mind with the lace front at the clavicle and then the sash tie around the neck to the back in a satin to chiffon fabric… Wonderful… Love this show, although I have to admit I was worried upon seeing the first 3 pieces.

  8. Love the last song – Know Me Better by Mabel. The clothes were ok with a few really nice standouts. I miss that de La Renta touch but Mr. Copping is doing a good job. Nice show.

  9. Ok, maybe it's litterally a bit oldfashioned, but it's pretty, and a bit Spanish. I, with my curvy body, would actually love to wear almost every piece in this collection…

  10. Damn! The audience had to be woken up at the finale to clap zdidn't they? Ol girl in front row with the crimson red bob was yawning A LOT!! Where on Earth is Anna Ewers????? I even miss Kendall Jenner……

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