Tendance Tattoo : Best UV Glow In The Dark Tattoo Inks

Tendance Tattoo 2020 : Best UV Glow In The Dark Tattoo Inks

This article is especially for you if you think of tattooing with UV glow in the dark tattoo ink. Below we have shared everything you need to know about UV glow in the dark tattoo ink, and we have also shared a few best experts recommended best UV glow in the dark tattoo inks.

UV glow in the dark tattoos is prepared using colourful and fluorescent colors that are quite tough to see during day times. It produces the glowing effect mostly when it comes across with black light as it generates the glowing reaction because of the UV light it radiates.

Tattoo artists in modern times don’t use the combination of Ink and phosphorus for getting the lowing effect, this is why UV glow in the Dark Tattoo inks is safe. The UV glow in the Dark Tattoos is prepared with special inks to replace the chemically harmful pigments. The specialty of these inks is that they react under UV light.

What Is A Black Light Tattoo?

A Black Light tattoo is a tattoo that glows only under black lights. It looks cool whenever you are under a black light. When you turn off the lights at night, your tattoo doesn’t glow in the dark like the star stickers you might have put on your ceiling as a kid.

There is not much difference between a black light tattoo and a standard color tattoo. The black light tattoo lasts about five years, it’ll gradually start to fade, just like a regular tattoo, according to Tukoi Oya.

Is Glow In The Dark Tattoos Safe?

Nowadays, tattoo artists don’t use Ink with phosphorus to deliver a glowing effect. According to Dr. Nazarian, the glow in the dark tattoo is now generally considered just as safe as a normal tattoo. But Tattoo ink, in general, is not regulated by the FDA, so there is always the chance that some shops or artists still use non-safe Pigment.

Our recommendation is to ask your artist extensively what Ink they use because what’s going into your skin and body is very important. Be sure you find an artist with a lot of glow-in-the-dark tattooing experience because a good artist will understand your concerns and be able to put you at ease.

Is Black Light Tattoo Aftercare Different From Regular Tattoos? How To Care For A Glow In The Dark Tattoo

No, there is no difference between black light aftercare and regular tattoo aftercare. The healing process and aftercare advisory are precisely the same for both. You need to regularly clean your glow in the dark tattoo well using fragrance-free soap and water and apply a thin layer of Aquaphor or specialty tattoo aftercare treatment.

Once your tattoo is fully healed, apply sunscreen on it regularly to protect it from sun damage.

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How Long Do Glow-In-The-Dark Tattoos Last?

These tattoos might be more permanent than regular tattoos due to the material used, but we don’t know for sure as it is a relatively new tattoo trend. Phosphorus and UV reactive Ink is long-lasting materials, but these tattoos will probably fade over time, particularly after prolonged sun exposure.

Like normal tattoos, both types of glow dark tattoos are permanent and will probably require a medical procedure to remove them.

Glow In The Dark Tattoos Ink More Expensive Than Regular Tattoos?

There is not much pricing difference between glow in the dark tattoos ink and the regular ones, but it depends on the artist or studio. Usually, a tattoo artist charges you on an hourly basis, regardless of design. 

As this is becoming a hot trend, not all tattoo parlors will do them for you. Still, though, it’s not too difficult to find a reputable place in your area that will get the job done, so they may charge you higher than normal.

Review of 5 Best UV Glow In The Dark Tattoo Inks

1. Bloodline UV Tattoo Ink Nuclear Invisible 1oz UV Blacklight USA

Bloodline UV Tattoo Ink Nuclear Invisible 1oz UV Blacklight USA

Bloodline UV Tattoo Ink Nuclear Invisible can be a good option as it glows under the UV lights. It is known for creating incredible visual effects. It is safe as there are no non-toxic elements present in it. This made in the USA ink has been prepared with good quality ingredients. A distinguishing feature of the Ink is that it produces no color during normal daylight.

Bloodline UV Tattoo Ink sensitive to blacklight. It means it produces a glowing effect under UV light. This is highly preferred among those who often visit clubs because it generates a fantastic glowing effect under clubs’ black lights.  The Ink is so popular because of the popularity of brand Bloodline, made in the United States.

PROS (What we liked)

  • Safe with non-toxic agents
  • Using professional ink ensures quality
  • Generates incredible glowing effect under UV

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • The ink can disappears or washed

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2. Millennium Mom’s Nuclear UV Blacklight Tattoo Ink – 5 Color Set – 1/2 oz

Millennium Mom's Nuclear UV Blacklight Tattoo Ink

Millennium Mom’s Nuclear UV Blacklight Tattoo Ink is incredibly smooth due to the homogenized pigment blend. This Ink provides the best quality pigment that makes sure quality output. It is entirely consistent in terms of the color it delivers. Most importantly, the color and quality it provides can remain there forever. This mad in US Ink is a thoroughly tested ink, hence assures utmost safety.

The MOM’s Nuclear Ink is UV sensitive and blacklight sensitive in nature. It produces an incredible glow in the dark light. It comes in various color options, including Purple Haze, Red Dawn, Atomic Green, and Blue Smoke. One can use it at any of the body parts as it is safe to use on the skin of any body part.

PROS (What we liked)

  • Long-lasting in nature
  • Thoroughly tested
  • Safe on any part of the body

CONS (What we didn’t like)

3. Opticz All-Purpose Invisible Blue UV Blacklight Reactive Ink (4 Ounce Bottle)

Opticz All Purpose Invisible Blue UV Blacklight Reactive Ink

Opticz All-Purpose Invisible Blue UV Blacklight Reactive Ink generates a shining blue effect in black light. It can’t be detected in regular daylight or normal lights. This is one of the most preferred Ink at glow parties. It is also quite used for hand stamps, as a mark on useful products, etc. This is used in document tagging these days.

This Ink is entirely safe as there is no toxic agent. As an alcohol based Ink, it is known for its quick-drying effect. This is why it is hugely used for stamp pads. Interestingly the Ink doesn’t get washed away easily. The Ink is safe to use at any part of the body or on any skin.

PROS (What we liked)

  • Useful on many occasions
  • Safe with no toxic agent
  • The quick-drying effect being alcohol-based

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • The pigment doesn’t stay on the skin easily

4. Bloodline 6 Color Tattoo Black Light UV Ink Highlight Set (1/2 oz)

Bloodline 6 Color Tattoo Black Light UV Ink Highlight Set (

Most importantly, the Ink is safe to apply to any body part or anywhere on the skin. Bloodline 6 Color Tattoo Black Light UV Ink provides the best glowing effect in the black light. However, there might be little burning effect as it gets into the skin. Primarily the presence of phosphorus is the reason behind it providing little burning effect. 

This Ink is light and smooth in terms of usage. Be it about the regular users or those who visit clubs frequently. It can be a good Ink. The Ink is assured due to the popularity of the brand Bloodline. It is safe due to the absence of non-toxic agents.

PROS (What we liked)

  • Safe, with no toxic agent
  • Thoroughly smooth
  • Best for club-goers

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • Creates the little burning effect

5. Moms Nuclear UV Tattoo Ink Invisible Fallout UltraViolet US 1oz

Moms Nuclear UV Tattoo Ink Invisible Fallout Ultra Violet US 1oz

This is an extremely smooth Ink that is known for smooth flow. It provides the purest quality pigment ensuring that the quality remains top-notch. A user can expect it to stay there on the skin for the maximum possible duration. As a rich tone Ink, it is known for maintaining the vibrant effect for the longest possible while.

Moms Nuclear UV Tattoo Ink is safe, as expert professionals thoroughly test it. The distinguishing aspect of the Ink is that it contains a greater level of pigments. It is a safe Ink that one can apply to any part of the body or any part of the skin. 

PROS (What we liked)

  • Enduring in nature
  • Rich tone product
  • Safe in nature

CONS (What we didn’t like)

Buying Guide For UV Glow In The Dark Tattoo Ink 

Like every other product, one can make buying UV glow in the Dark Tattoo ink easier upon having the right kind of information. There are various factors one needs to take into account, as discussed below. 

1. Look For The Details Provided By The Manufacturer

It is always a safer idea to check details about ingredients used and quality standards followed on the bottle. One may go through the site of the manufacturer as well. It will be even better if they provide details on safety features. Best manufacturers are those who prepare safe inks that can be applied on any of the body parts. 

One may check out reviews about the manufacturer as well. However, the most trusted Ink always comes from the most reliable manufacturers. One must also buy from authorized dealers or sites to avoid duplicity. The best idea will be to take suggestions from the tattoo artists on this matter and follow.  

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2. Go With The Most Personalized Option

There are many brands of UV glow in the Dark Tattoo ink one can find. However, everyone prefers the Ink that will suit him/her. How to know which Ink is good for you? The most straightforward answer is to take a sight over the bottle. 

It provides details about safety measures and whether the Ink is sensitive or reactive towards specific skin types.

Similarly, there is also the aspect of color that one needs to consider. Make sure that the Ink is available in the color option you prefer. It will be a good idea to take suggestions from the concerned artist on this matter. 

3. Enquire About Longevity

No one would love buying a UV glow in the Dark Tattoo ink, which is not enduring enough. Hence enquire well whether the Ink you are up for buying is assuring in terms of longevity. At the same time, make sure that the Ink flows smoothly over the skin. 

Unless there is desired smoothness, the entire process can be painful. A standard user may not be able to determine whether the Ink is smooth. Hence, one should take the suggestions of the expert tattoo artists into account on this matter.   

4. Must Know About Ingredients To Avoid

It is essential to have clarity about which ingredients should not be present in Ink. For example, Ink containing mercury, lead, arsenic, etc., should be avoided as these are toxic to the human body. 

Top brands are bringing vegan-friendly UV glow in the Dark inks as well. Undoubtedly, these are the preferred options for many. But, make sure you choose the most authentic platforms for buying inks of these brands.

5. Level Of User Friendly Characteristic You Wish

Most of the users and tattoo artists prefer custom colors. In these cases, one must understand that a liquid carrier is essential for maintaining the fluid matrix. This is applicable for both the inks with pigments and those with powder. The liquid carrier is crucial in terms of maintaining consistency as well. Simultaneously, make sure that the artists are confident enough in blending pigments and the liquid carrier well. 

When the artist is not confident enough, going with user-friendly options like pre-dispersed inks is preferable. These are quite simple to use as there is no need for any mixing in them. One can even use it directly from the bottle. Hence, while buying the Ink, one must consider the ease of usage as a factor.  

6. Thickness And Consistency For Longevity

The quality of tattoo output is determined from the perspective of tattoo color and level of consistency. In this context, the tattoo’s thickness level is an essential factor that one must take into account. Thickness is essential from a longevity point of view as well. 

Those inks consistent in terms of thickness and smoothness of flow deliver quality output that lasts longer. Hence, this is a crucial factor in checking about Ink while buying the same. 

7. Must Have Clarity About The Price Aspect

Price is one of the crucial factors that one needs to consider while buying UV glow in the Dark Tattoo Ink. One must go for the inks from top brands. But, this doesn’t mean that all good brands are cheap. There is not much difference between the tattoos of leading brands and regular tattoos. 

Hence, one should not compromise with brand value. Most importantly, there is not much difference between UV glow in the Dark Tattoo Ink and regular tattoo inks. It means you should not believe or buy from a platform that charges extraneously high in the name of UV glow in the Dark Tattoo Ink.  


UV glow in the Dark Tattoo Ink is exciting from many perspectives. It is exciting the way it glows under the black light. As discussed above, these inks are safe. All that one needs is to ensure that there is no toxic ingredient in the Ink. The glow in the Dark tattoos is relatively enduring. 

There is no special requirement for maintaining these tattoos, it is very similar to regular ink tattoos. Each of the links mentioned above can be a good option for those searching for UV glow in the Dark Tattoo Ink. 

Still, those who are confused may go through the buying guide provided above to find the right Ink. We hope this article about UV glow-in-the-dark tattoo ink is safe or not helpful for you. If you found this article helpful for you in any manner, then do share it on social media. Please stay connected with us for such informative content.

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